Entrance / No Exit directional floor signs

£16.00 + VAT


A floor marker to inform staff and visitors where the entrances are located during social distancing.

The self-adhesive floor sticker is crafted from high-track, scuff-resistant vinyl and features bold, clear lettering that marks the entrance and requests that readers keep a safe distance from each other.

Durable yet easy peel self adhesive stickers for retail use. These encourage your customers employ social distancing when using the stairs.

Supplied in packs of 4, the strips are 60cm wide by 10cm tall, printed on a self adhesive durable vinyl with a scratch proof laminate to the face. Easy to apply, they are also easy to remove when no longer required.

We can provide custom colourways to suit your brand, please ask.

Cost per pack of 4 : £16.00 plus VAT & Delivery. Call us now on 02381 661163 to place an order.

Quantity discounts apply.


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